José Luis Manzano: “Vaca Muerta continues to be an opportunity”

During the second day of the XXIX edition of La Jolla Energy Conference 2020, the head of Integra Capital, José Luis Manzano, analyzed the current outlook of the energy industry in Argentina and highlighted the importance of Vaca Muerta

Gov’t sets local crude oil reference price at u$s45 per barrel

The national government set the local crude oil reference price at u$s45 per barrel, in a bid to protect the country’s hard-hit sector from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and low global prices

Argentina gov’t confirms it will set a local price reference

The Gov’t reaffirmed the need to set a reference price for the local oil barrel in order to facilitate investments in the sector once the coronavirus pandemic comes to an end

‘Criollo’ barrel may return due to the crisis

The crisis unleashed by the Coronavirus pandemic and the collapse of the international oil prices reactivated the debate on a new implementation of the so-called “Criollo barrel”